You get to map your own career path

You own your career! We believe that skills and the drive to perform are more important than tenure and that you should get a say in your own growth path, be it vertical or lateral across departments.

You come first

SRS INFOSYSTEMS is a value-driven organization. Our positive and dynamic work environment is based on transparency and an open-door policy..

You gain a global perspective

With 200 customers from across 6 nations, you get to be part of a truly global organization. Inclusivity and diversity are defining characteristics of our organization. Our workforce is a unique blend of different cultures, and age groups.

Active engagement

Just because you work from home does not mean you should feel isolated. Your day-to-day interactions with us and our engagement programs will establish a sense of community.

Meaningful feedback

Get detailed and useful feedback on your work. This is a great opportunity to improve your skill set and advance in your profession.

Assurance of full-time work while working from home

We will provide you with assignments that constitute a full day’s work. So in addition to flexibility, you will have the benefit of predictability.